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Executive Director/Director of Fundraising/Director of Public Relations/Secretary

The A85 Cure Foundation
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The A85 Cure Foundation (A85 Cure) , is dedicated to funding advancements in research and advocacy to cure Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (P.O.T.S.). A85 Cure was founded by Amanda Swanton after 14 months of fear, confusion and countless medical tests before being diagnosed with P.O.T.S. P.O.T.S. is a cardiovascular syndrome that currently affects an average of 750,000 Americans (particularly people between the ages of 14-24) and 3 million people globally. 85% of all cases are misdiagnosed at first, with symptoms often attributed to anxiety or other psychological issues – the 85 is represented in our name. A85 Cure assists in raising funds for research initiatives focused on creating new treatment landscapes and therapy options while strongly advocating for a cure in the immediate future.The foundation’s intentions are to work in partnerships with physicians and specialists to help raise awareness in the diagnosis of P.O.T.S.
Amanda Swanton is currently a freshman at Mississippi State University studying Business Administration and Public Relations Minor. Amanda is a member of the Girls Lacrosse Team and has been funded through Mississippi State University’s The Center of Entrepreneurship and Outreach for A85 Cure Foundation. A85 Cure officially launched its first satellite office in Starkville,Mississippi this past January but has footprints in 8 states.
A85Cure’s main source of income is fundraising and public donations. they have produced a total of 10 fundraiser since December of 2016.
A85 Cure would like to expand their fundraising efforts to make more proceeds towards P.O.T.S. Advocacy and Research. A85 Cure works with Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's P.O.T.S. Clinic along with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in P.O.T.S.Research.
Recently A85 Cure has plans to work in Partnership with Boston's Children's Hospital  on a new P.O.T.S. Clinic for the Jackson Location. To this A85 Cure would like to raise $100,000.00 for the project
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